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Settling In

11-27 November

Given how busy those 8 weeks were between the Alaska trip and departing for Portugal, we had already planned on having some down time once we got here. So far, we have accomplished that with vigor. The first week we didn't venture out much as we were both recovering from Covid. We are pretty sure Conrad picked it up on the plane ride over, then graciously gave it to me for our 35th Wedding Anniversary. He also gave me some wonderfully delicious truffles, brownies and dark chocolate cake, which certainly made me feel better. I didn't get very sick, Conrad was a bit worse and he's still got a lingering cough, which is normal for him regardless of the source of illness.

Some days we found ourselves not doing much more than taking Lola for multiple walks, maybe to the beach and then swinging by a local cafe to watch the sunset. We also spent a lot of time trying to find our next stopping point and organizing a trip for Brett, Silvia and the boys to come visit us here in April. We have been venturing out more of late, checking out some interesting spots in the area and taking care of logistics such as getting a Portugal cell number, attempting to get a bank account and buying supplies. We've also been watching a lot of World Cup matches, most of which have been very entertaining.

For Thanksgiving, we had a delicious meal out to a local seafood restaurant, it was a tie between the crab dip and the clams for best tasting dish. We also went out to watch the big game: Portugal vs. Ghana which was Portugal's first 2022 World Cup match. It was nice to be with the locals and even nicer that they won!

Rainy Day at Sesimbra Marina
Rainy Day Sunset

Cape Espichel Lighthouse

Cape Espichel Coastline - looking south
Cape Espichel Coastline - looking north

Southwest side : Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel
South side: Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel

Church of Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel (Santuary of Our Lady)
Sunny Morning Sesimbra

Finally made it to the beach

She's not as fast as she used to be, but still lovin' it!

Life's a Beach

Castelo de Sesimbra perched above the town

Church of Santa Maria do Castelo - Sesimbra
Alter at Church of Santa Maria do Castelo
Azulejo Tiles grace the Church of Santa Maria do Castelo
Castelo de Sesimbra - walking the walls
Castelo de Sesimbra - North Gate
Castelo de Sesimbra - entrance to the manor
Castelo de Sesimbra - looking down at Sesimbra

Castelo de Sesimbra - Tower of the Manor
Marina view from Castelo de Sesimbra
Post beach walk
At the Aloha Cafe just above the beach front
Marina view sunset
A girl could get used to these beautiful sunsets
Thanksgiving Crab Pate - almost as good as Maryland crab dip

Thanksgiving Clams - As good as any I've ever had
A new Thanksgiving tradition?

Thanksgiving Dessert - a little salty, but still yummy!

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3 comentários

28 de nov. de 2022

Really good photos. Picture of the oysters on a half shell made my mouth water. Looks like you’re having a great time. Keep the photos coming. Will and Marcia.


27 de nov. de 2022

Far out! Beautiful photos. Hope to see you in the Fall.


27 de nov. de 2022

Great photos! Sorry you both got sick, and survived. Your Thanksgiving looked like what I would like my last meal to be.. and everyone before that. You both look lovely. Had to chuckle at photo of Con under the cross at the santuary - as devout as always! Lola looks so happy-that's all that really matters, at least in Suzy and my book. Take health seriously and have fun.

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