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The Silver Coast - Spring Visit Part 2

Continuing on with a quick synopsis of our other day trips:

  • Beleal Island & Peniche - this area has some very interesting geological features which take the already gorgeous coastline up a notch or two. Baleal Island is also interesting because you drive over a sandy causeway to get there.

  • Buddha Eden Gardens in Quinta dos Loridos - 35 acres with thousands of sculptures and not just of Buddhas. The gardens were created in response to the Taliban's destruction of the 6th Century cultural treasure, the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afganistan.

  • A second trip to Nazeré on a super windy day.

  • Santarém - overlooking the Tejo (Tagus) river and the Ribatejo plains, this is one of the oldest cities in central Portugal. Occupied by the Romans, the Visagoths and the Moors until 1147 when Portugal's first King, Alfoso Henrique, re-captured it.

  • Grutas (Caves) de Mira de Aire - an extensive cave network in the limestone hills of the Serra de Aire. Some of the galleries were enormous, I just wish they were easier to photograph!

We also got in touch with a Realtor in São Martinho do Porto, because we wanted to start getting an idea of what the different types of homes in a typical beach would cost. We saw a couple of places that had stunning views which checked some (but not all) of our boxes, but the reality is that we have a lot more exploring to do before making any decisions.

So all in all, we are having the time of our lives! We feel almost completely care-free, we have very few responsibilities and most days we are just living in the moment. We are enjoying all our travels and explorations and not putting any pressure on ourselves about whether we will stay in Portugal permanently. One thing that we absolutely love about Portugal is the very relaxed vibe that permeates the culture, it is a very chill place. It would be great to share that feeling and all these wonderful experiences with others. We have our accommodation booked out through February of next year, so we know where we will be, that certainly makes it easier for planning purposes. So think about coming over for a visit.

Tip of Baleal Island- near Peniche
Baleal Coastline
A small cove on Baleal Island
The geographical formation at Baleal were amazing!
Dramatic coastline on Baleal Island near Peniche
Crane Sculptors - Buddha Eden Garden
Channeling my brother Dan - Buddha Eden Garden
Elephant Sculptors - Buddha Eden Garden
Rhino Sculpture - Buddha Eden Garden

African Sculpture are - Buddha Eden Garden

Replication of the Terracotta Warriors - Buddha Eden Garden

So many Buddha's!

Elephant Buddha - Buddha Eden Garden
Con and Lola amoung the little buddha's - Buddha Eden Garden
Giant Buddha (21m - 70 ft) - Buddha Eden Garden
Horizonal Buddha - Buddha Eden Garden
Bodhisattva - Buddha Eden Gardens
A fierce Buddha God - Buddha Eden Garden
Random Sculpture at Buddha Eden Gardens
The Big Buddhas
Entry Gate - Buddha Eden Gardens

Nazaré Praia de Norte Surf - not record breaking, but the biggest we have ever seen

Nazaré Praia de Norte

Praia da Nazaré on a windy day

The Tejo (Tagus) River from Santarém Castle
Tribute to Dom Alfonso Henriques, first king of Portugal defeating the Moors at Santarém
On the Castle walls - Santarém
Remanents of a Keep - Santarém Castle

Santarém Castle

Church of Mercy - Santarém
Fonte das Figueiras - Santarém
The spring at Fonte das Figueiras is still running - Santarém
A windy day on the São Martinho do Porto Coast

Ancient Underground River - Caves of Grutas (Caves) de Mira de Aire

Grutas (Caves) de Mira de Aire

The view from the condo that we did not buy

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1 Comment

Sep 14, 2023

I love this blog! Those cave pics are WILD! Sculpture garden, castles, gorgeous coast. It is all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos and for the interesting, informative captions. You three are having a most incredible adventure!

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