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Random Bits and Pieces

Funniest Bumper Sticker to date: I love Sheep – unless you are a Knitwit, this is usually something you keep to yourself! Seen just south of Forks, WA

Funniest Billboard to date: World Class Chicken Racing – no ordinary Chicken racing, but World Class! Seen just south of Quesnel, BC. As we drove through the town, I was looking for the world class chicken racing arena, but didn’t see it.

Funniest T-Shirt to date: I love to Fart (the love was a heart), seen by Conrad in Valdez, Alaska, he was fairly sure the man wearing it was European.

Silver Linings

We expected it to be rainy and cold in the rain forests between Northern California and Vancouver. But we didn’t expect the cold and rain to extend all the way into the Yukon. Speaking with all the locals along the way, winter extended itself an extra month along the path we took. This meant we wound up staying in a lot more RV parks than we originally planned as there wasn’t any sun for us to make use of our solar panels and we needed extra power to stay warm. We also decided to move through British Columbia much faster as it was kinda hard to rent a canoe when the lakes are frozen and so many places hadn’t even opened due to the late winter. When we stayed at the Red Goat Lodge near Iskut, BC, the owner told us the lake hadn’t been frozen that late in 20 years. This late winter also extended into Alaska, where we are now. We found some better weather for a few days when we first got into the Yukon and now since we’ve been in Alaska, we’ve had nothing but sunshine. The silver lining of this late spring is that we are six weeks into this trip and I haven’t been bit by a mosquito yet! We have seen some of the first batch, which are huge, but slow and we are just now starting to see some of the smaller faster ones.

Our Progress as of 30-MAY

Example of Big Mosquito next to Canadian Quarter which is slightly smaller than our US one

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