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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

In 2020, we joined the masses in purchasing a travel trailer to facilitate a self-contained journey across the US so that I could visit my parents.

We had always been tent campers, so there was a lot to learn and buy for our 22ft trailer in preparation for our trip. The trip was an absolute blast, the trailer (named Two Sheds) is a great way to travel and provided us with the ability to be completely safe with the 34 Family and Friends we visited in 24 different US states. I was still working in 2020, so writing a blog was out of the question – suffice it to say, it was an extremely memorable trip.

Little did we realize that the pandemic which changed our worlds in 2020 would continue to rage through 2021 and into 2022. Just goes to show how well misinformation works when it has platforms that allow any kind of lie to reach the masses.

Needing to see my parents again in 2021 and not being interested in spending 7 hours on a plane with the Delta variant raging, we decided to take another cross-country trip from California to Maryland, and of course, back again! I had high hopes of creating a blog for that trip and did start a journal, but a lack of serious commitment on my part meant it was not be be. To be fair, I had just retired and was really enjoying the new found freedom of having very few responsibilities.

Now it's 2022 and we are off on another adventure, but instead of traveling 10K+ miles crossing the country again, we are heading to the final frontier and picking up our 50th state: Alaska.

Cross Country trips noted on our 1988 Map which we used on our first trip from MD to CA (the yellow line)

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