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5 Weeks out

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Two Sheds with Mosqutio Netting

It's been a busy winter and many, many tasks have been accomplished, but of course, it's never as many as we would wish. One barrier to being ahead of our game this winter was the great storm of Christmas 2021. Between the 25th and 26th of December, we received over 4 feet of snow resulting in 10 days without power, trees or tree tops toppled EVERYWHERE around us and frigid temperatures throughout the next couple of weeks. It was several weeks before we could even begin the cleanup effort but I'm pleased to say that Conrad only has the wood from 1 tree left to pick up before he can cross that off his list.

Con's focus has been on all things outside, besides all his 'wood' work, he has fixed the pool sweep, replaced and configured the control board for the pool equipment, done a lot of touch up painting and stained the deck railings. We are hoping to get someone to rent our house for 3-4 months while we are away, so he's been working hard taking care of all those little jobs of home maintenance and repairs that fall by the wayside until they 'have to be fixed'!

My tasks have been a bit more varied, closing down Recon Corp at the end of 2021, cleaning out, purging and organizing the house, pine needle rake-up and burning, making waterproof covers for my bike, upgrading the custom mosquito netting I made for Two Sheds, prepping for taxes and trip planning. I've been doing more of the planning the last couple of weeks and while it's very time consuming, it is a lot more fun than all the other stuff.

We have also made a few decisions of late that have lessened our overall task list, so we really should be able to get away without a great deal of stress... she says with a great deal of confidence 5 weeks out.

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