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Journey to Portugal

18-OCT through 10-NOV 2022

Stage 1: We discovered the least scenic drive across America: 80 to 36 to 70, total snoozeville until we hit eastern Ohio. With one exception - Hannibal, MO.

Stages 2 and 3: Had a wonderful 5 days in MD with my family, followed by 4 great nights in Brooklyn staying with great friends, Ken and Amy. Also got to see our niece Gina and nephew Paul. We had an exceptionally awesome foodie meal at Paul's restaurant, between the fab food and catching up conversations, we forgot to take any pictures☹️.

Stage 4: Me and Lola flying into UK on a 15 seat private charter jet with 9 other dogs and 10 other people. Meanwhile, Conrad flew into Paris to get our leased car. We met back up in Calais France, after Con's brother and sister brought me and Lola across the Euro Tunnel.

Stage 5: driving from Calais, south through France and Spain. It was an interesting drive, very pretty coming over the Pyrenees, but we didn't do any real sight-seeing. We finally arrived into Portugal and are so happy to be here. Our first stopping point, Sesimbra is a lovely as we expected and our AirBnB is very nice. All three of us are thrilled that we don't have to move for another month.

Fall Colors - Hannibal, MO

Lunch Stop overlooking the Mississippi - Hannibal, MO

Crossing the Mississippi

It's not the blue couch any more, but it's still where the best photos are taken!

Ken's School of Rock in Brooklyn

At the Lounge before our flight - Red kept me up all day thinking I would sleep on the flight, boy was she wrong!

Hurry Up Red, we don't want to miss the flight!

Lola was READY TO GO!

A plane full of great dogs and their awesome humans!

Seatmates Sally and Eddie, both of them as sweet as can be!

Curled up under the Table - best big dog spot on the plane (but she still didn't sleep much)
Arrival into London's Biggin Hill airport - who said the sun never shines in London?

Driving onto the Euro Tunnel Train Shuttle

At the Hotel in Calais with Ruth and Martin

Best Pain de Chocolat I've had in years!

It all Fits!!!

Sunset on the Atlantic - Near San Sebasitan Spain
Great to see Spain is getting on board with Electric Vehicles

Castle - Alburquerque Spain
Sesimbra, Portugal at last!

First Sunset from our Balcony - Sesimbra

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AJ Nonev
AJ Nonev
Dec 21, 2022

Bom dia nossos queridos amigos. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey.


Grace, Ian, Johnny & Atanas


Nov 12, 2022

Thanks for the pictures. Love seeing them. Have a great time.

Will and Marcia


Darrin Skinner
Darrin Skinner
Nov 12, 2022

Ahhhh, living the life vicariously through my friends... thanks for making it possible!


Kathy Yazalina
Kathy Yazalina
Nov 12, 2022

Great to hear from you! Great photos! You're there; woohoo! Keep on posting and keep on keepin on! Love, Kathy


Nov 11, 2022

I’d bet Lola was the only one of the ten dogs that would just sit there on the tarmac when it’s owned let go of the leash! Best behaved dog in the world!

Happy to see you back on the road! Enjoy every minute! And take (and share) lots of pictures!

love you all! Aunt Judy

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