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Adeus Sesimbra - Olá Lagos

28 Nov through 15-Dec

The weather was not at it's best for our last couple of weeks in Sesimbra , but no complaints as the rain is helping to put a dent in Portugal's 5 year drought. We took advantage whenever there was a break in the weather to spend as much time outdoors and to explore a bit more.

We took a couple of trips to Setúbal (pronounced Stewball), which is a larger commercial, industrial port town to the east of Sesimbra. Another day, we took a ferry over to Tróia, (an almost completely deserted beach town) then drove down to Sines, stopping and checking out the various beach towns along the way. One evening we went into Lisbon for a Christmas market, but it was not quite what we had expected. Turns out Portugal is just starting to copy the Northern European concept of Christmas markets. We did enjoy ourselves and it was quite festive so we were glad we made the effort.

Our last night in Sesimbra, we went to a local's favorite, family-style restaurant where you choose your fish from the glass cased fridge and they cook it on the outside grill. Served with an awesome salad and super yummy boiled potatoes, after a starter of razor clams, it was all just divine.

Our drive down to Lagos was very easy, we met the very nice and helpful owners of our new place, Danielle and Marcel, a dutch couple who are now Portuguese residents. We are enjoying this place very much, it has a little back yard for Lola and the beach is right across the road. The view is not quite as nice as the one we had in Sesimbra and it takes about 20 minutes to walk into town, but there are no hills involved.

Lagos is bigger than Sesimbra, but not too big. It's much more of a touristy town and there is a huge expat community here, so English is spoken pretty much everywhere. We jumped right into exploring the town and the immediate scenic areas. We also went to a international social club meetup where we met some very nice people from a variety of different places. Although we both feel it isn't a place we could be long-term, we do like it here very much and it might make for a great winter time residence.

Sesimbra Sunset looking East
Two Suns are better than one! Misty day Sesimbra
Setúbal Waterfront

Fort of São Filipe - Setúbal
Pescador - Waterfront Setúbal
On the hard - Setúbal Marina
Setúbal Marina
Dolphin Row - Setúbal Waterfront
Dolphin Row - Setúbal Waterfron
End of the Breakwater - Sesimbra

Praia dos Amigos - Sesmibra

Sesimbra: 90 Steps from Hell! The hardest part of the uphill journey from town back to our apartment.
Our last spectacular sunset at Sesimbra - we do miss them!

We saw a lot of Storks nesting everywhere on our drive from Tróia to Sines

Lola at the beach in Comporta

Surf breaking on northwest coast of Sines - Slow Mo

Northwest Coast of Sines

Northwest coast of Sines

Northwest coast of Sines

North entrance Parque Eduardo VII - Lisbon
Carlos Lopes Pavillion - Parque Eduardo VII - Lisbon
Marqués de Pombal Statue - Lisbon
Marqués de Pombal Statue - Lisbon

Calçada Portuguesa - You'll find art at your feet all over Portugal
So many colors on just one cloud - Lisbon
Marqués de Pombal Roundabout from the Ferris Wheel - Lisbon
Winter Wonderland - Parque Eduardo VII - Lisbon

Big Surf before the Big Storm - slow mo above, regular speed below

Last night in Sesimbra

On the Waterfront on our last night in Sesimbra

New Digs, New View - Lagos

Meia Praia - our beach is just across the street from our new place in Lagos

Exploring the Old Town of Lagos

Rudolf and Friends spreading some Christimas Spirit - Old Town Lagos

Lagos has a different sort of Marina compared to the one in Sesimbra

Ponta da Piedade looking Southeast - Lagos
Ponta da Piedade looking Northeast - Lagos
One of many natural bridges at Ponta da Piedade - Lagos
Ponta da Piedade - Lagos
Southern Tip of Ponta da Piedade - Lagos

Slow Mo Surf rolling through the Natural Bridges

Praia de Porto Mós - Lagos

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19 de dez. de 2022

Looking good! Merry Christmas wishes, Love, Kathy and Bob


18 de dez. de 2022

Love the pictures! Thanks. Still have snow, hasn't melted since last storm. Love you all, Cincy


18 de dez. de 2022

Thanks for sharing!

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