Corporate Training Solutions

Recon Corp has been involved in Corporate Training for over 25 years and has an extensive track record providing Curriculum Development and Corporate Training solutions for CEM and Business Intelligence tools.  Our training consultants and instructors have played leading roles with IBM, Tealeaf, eBay, PayPal, NetApp, GE, Sun Microsystems and many other companies across a broad range of industries.


In addition to the 100+ Companies we've trained on IBM Tealeaf, Recon Corp has developed and delivered technical and business user courses globally to many 1000's of users and has a reputation for delivering the highest quality content for the desired audience in the best format.  Our instructors have always received the highest accolades for training delivery and  strive to ensure client success with a commitment to follow on support. 

Curriculum Design and Content Development

Recon Corp Training Consultants can guide you through the process of determining the right content in the right format for the intended audience.


Our proven approach for success includes assisting our clients with:
Identifying Audiences
Defining Objectives
Determining Delivery Methods
Developing Content
Delivering Courses

Corporate Training Solutions

Our Training Consultants have the expertise to create an entire training platform.  With skill sets including Curriculum Design, Content Development, Content Delivery and LMS Integration, Recon Corp can assist you with any and all of your training needs.
​For clients with existing training organizations, Recon Corp works directly with them to ensure our solutions are developed within their guidelines in order to provide a consistent company wide training experience.

CEM Instructor Expertise

Recon Training Consultants developed the Tealeaf training curriculum and content.  Recon Corp has been the sole professional training provider for IBM Tealeaf since 2009. 


Our CEM training delivery offerings include:  

IBM Tealeaf on Premise

IBM Tealeaf SaaS

IBM Watson Customer Experience