Recon Corp was established in the Silicon Valley in 1992, our highly experienced consultants have a deep background in Customer Experience Management (CEM), Digital Analytics, Business Intelligence and Corporate Global Training.  Our focus today is Customer Experience Management using products such as IBM Tealeaf CX, IBM Watson CXA and Glassbox Digital, in addition to developing and delivering Corporate Training.

Janet and Conrad pride themselves on their ability to bridge the gap between engineering and business. Their skills as consulting engineers have been developed from a career of building solutions for clients. They are also accomplished instructors and it is the merging of their engineering and training skills that has enabled them to successfully develop and deliver training to many thousands of technical and business users throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Recon's client list includes: eBay, PayPal, IBM (Tealeaf), NetApp, Business Objects(SAP), Brio(Oracle), Sun Microsystems, University of Phoenix, GM and many more.


Janet Lynch
CEO and Director of Corporate Training

Janet Lynch is a senior level, customer enablement professional with a passion for technical training.  Along with excellent interpersonal skills, she has the uncommon ability of being able to communicate successfully with both technical and business audiences and to translate between the two as needed.  She holds multiple IBM Certifications including IBM Watson Customer Experience, IBM Tealeaf CX and IBM UBX.

Conrad Lynch
President and Director of Professional Services

Conrad is a technical business consultant specializing in Customer Experience Management, Corporate Training and Business Intelligence.  He is an IBM certified Tealeaf consultant and instructor.


During our 29 years of business, Recon Corp has always looked to achieve two key goals: Work with the best of new technologies and utilize those technologies to enable our customers to get the most value, information and actionable insights from the solutions we provide.  Although the technologies we utilize have changed greatly in 29 Years, our core values have not.  We will always work hard and do our absolute best and we take great pride in our dedication to communication, mutual respect and openness with our clients and business partners.