Because your Digital Customers expect so much more than just 'Welcome Back Eleanor'

Today's Online Consumers require a personalized experience, they know companies collect volumes of data and they expect it to be utilized to improve their experience with the brand.

What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a comprehensive strategy to provide your customers with a personalized user experience that meets or exceeds their expectations with the objective of increasing overall customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty and encouraging advocacy.

Why your company needs a CEM Strategy

With so many digital options available today, online consumers are looking for and being loyal to the brands that provide the best overall user experience throughout the entire customer journey. 


You need to measure, analyze, react and engage with the objective of making your brand’s user experience stand out from all the rest.

How Recon Corp can help you achieve Success

With 10+ years of CEM experience, Recon Corp can guide you through the process of creating and executing a successful CEM Strategy. 

  • Recover Abandoned Revenue

  • Remove Barriers to Conversion

  • Improve Visitor Engagement

  • Increase brand loyalty 


Recon Corp provides consulting resources to build customer experience competency throughout your enterprise.


Our Consultants utilize Behavioral and Analytical data from the entire customer journey to uncover opportunities for increasing revenue, improving and personalizing the customer experience.

Recon Corp Managed Services  provide our clients with an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, to have access to expert skills and to address issues related to the cost and quality of services.  

Recon Corp has an extensive track record delivering Curriculum Development and Corporate Training solutions for both Domestic and Global deployments.  Our organizational and technical skills, along with many years of experience enable us to provide our clients with a complete training solution.